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What do you think?

This question is asked every day and while we will readily provide an opinion on a recent movie, book, or dining experience, it is far more difficult to solicit an honest and candid response from us with respect to our workplace or the performance of colleagues and managers.

At, we understand the positive impact that effective survey and assessment programs have on your organization’s ability to reach its strategic goals. Our internet-based assessment and survey services allow you to effectively and affordably benefit from a wide array of our customized online solutions.

A Complete and Comprehensive Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) clearly understands the need for organizations today to focus on core functions and acts as an invaluable resource for many of today’s top organizations in their bid to streamline non-core areas such as human resources, marketing, and research.

  • A Strategic Partner – We offer completely customized online solutions uniquely tailored to address your organization’s specific needs. Working in close consultation with you, we will craft online tools and methodologies that reflect your organizations culture and values; especially critical in the sensitive areas of performance management, workplace assessments or employee surveys.
  • Return on Investment – Realize tremendous savings through process efficiencies and the freeing up of valuable internal resources. No added IT infrastructure investments required and little-to-no staff training needed
  • Valid and Reliable – Each survey instrument is validated and pilot tested to ensure complete satisfaction with the tool and accuracy of the data
  • Secure – We understand the need not only for the confidentiality and privacy of the survey or assessment respondent, but also for the security of the data and information gathered in the program. takes every measure necessary to protect against online fraud and data tampering and absolutely assures complete privacy, confidentiality and discretion in the conducting of our services with you.
  • Flexible – Our process allows for alternative participation processes, i.e. pen and paper, electronic form, etc.

Other services and features include:

  • Real-time reporting with vividly detailed graphs and statistical summaries
  • Customizable user interface
  • Responsive troubleshooting – 24 hour response guarantee with toll free, e-mail and cell phone availability to key personnel
  • Access to a bank of normative qualitative and quantitative questions
  • Unsurpassed client service and satisfaction launches new website! chosen as the preferred survey provider for Cata Alliance.
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