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Workplace Assessments

What is a Workplace Assessment
A Workplace Assessment provides a means of assessing the perceptions of an organization’s employees and managers on the work environment and proactively addresses issues of concern in the workplace. A Workplace Assessment can help determine what is working effectively in an organization and what is not.

Why conduct a Workplace Assessment?
A Workplace Assessment assists all levels of employees to become aware of issues; to accept these issues are creating problems, and to take action to resolve them. The main objective of a Workplace Assessment initiative is to allow an organization to take action to address issues perceived to be a source of high conflict or creating a high level of dissatisfaction within the work environment.

A Workplace Assessment also identifies what is working well within an organization. This allows an organization to fully leverage these strengths and further provides a means of promoting the continued use of these desired behaviours and practices among its workforce.

What are the Benefits of a Workplace Assessment?
There are many benefits to conducting a Workplace Assessment:

  • Employees feel they have been listened to and they have input as to how concerns will be addressed
  • Cost effective method of conducting a quick review of operations/perceptions
  • Results can be obtained more quickly than alternative redress processes
  • Provides timely, relevant information and insight into dynamics of workplace for managers to consider in planning, organizing and HR decision-making processes
  • Improves overall morale by demonstrating, in a tangible manner, management’s commitment to engage in meaningful discussions with employees and to address and resolve tough issues

What is the difference between a Workplace Assessment and an Employee Survey?
Unlike typical survey questionnaires which offer a single rating scale, a Workplace Assessment questionnaire generally uses two different scales: the first is the Extent (or Frequency) to which a specific practice or behaviour takes place (generally rated 1-5 from “never the case” to “always the case”) and the second focuses on the impact of the particular practice or behaviour (for example, whether it is a source of High, Medium or Low Conflict).

Also, whereas surveys are typically asymmetrical in the manner in which the results are collected, a Workplace Assessment allows employees an opportunity to provide additional information or clarification through personal interaction with our consultants. Depending on the size of the organization, time and budget constraints this can be done in a one-on-one interview or focus group setting.

A Workplace Assessment is more participatory in nature: from the design of the questionnaires and process to the discussions around actions needed to improve the work environment.

The primary focus in a Workplace Assessment is on acceptance and action, not simply diagnosis. Ultimately this process is used to facilitate team effectiveness by diffusing or eliminating conflicts in the workplace.

Effectively Addresses Results
The true value of a Workplace Assessment lies in the ability to readily identify and address issues in the workplace. will prepare and facilitate team sessions designed to:
  • Openly and constructively discuss key issues impacting negatively on the work environment
  • Agree on those issues that are considered to be priority issues
  • Develop specific actions that need to be taken to address each priority issue
  • Develop a process for evaluating the success of these actions
We also offer services to further complement follow-up team sessions:
  • Team building sessions
  • Individualized coaching launches new website! chosen as the preferred survey provider for Cata Alliance.
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