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Program Evaluations

Program evaluations are conducted through a process that involves carefully collecting information about a program, or some aspect of a program, in order to make necessary decisions regarding its effectiveness. can help your organization create efficient and affordable program evaluations that help you to:

  1. Understand, verify or increase the impact of products or services on customers or clients
  2. Improve program delivery mechanisms to be more efficient and less costly
  3. Identify program strengths and weaknesses
  4. Verify if the program is running as originally planned
  5. Facilitate organizational discussion around what their program is truly about: help set goals, strategies and evaluation mechanisms
  6. Produce program data or verify program results that can be used for promotional/marketing needs
  7. Produce valid comparisons between programs to decide which should be retained, expanded or dropped
  8. Fully examine and describe effective programs for duplication elsewhere in the organization or for potential clients.
Program evaluations can include a variety of different types of evaluation, such as: needs assessments, accreditation, cost/benefit analysis, effectiveness, efficiency, formative, summative, goal-based, process, outcomes, etc. The type of evaluation you choose to undertake to improve the program depends on what you want to learn about it.

In any program evaluation, the real issue is not one of what type of evaluation you need, but determining in advance what you need to know to make the program decisions you ultimately need to make, and then asking the appropriate evaluation questions to arrive at the needed conclusions.

In designing your Program Evaluation, will help you answer some of the key questions you need to consider before embarking on the evaluation process, including:
  1. For what purposes is the evaluation being done, i.e., what do you want to be able to decide as a result of the evaluation?
  2. Who are the audiences for the information from the evaluation, e.g., customers, bankers, management, staff, customers, etc.
  3. What kinds of information are needed to make the decision you need to make e.g., literature review, testimonials, financials, vision statements, etc.
  4. From what sources should the information be collected, e.g., employees, customers, clients, funders, etc.
  5. The most reasonable and efficient process for collecting that information e.g., online surveys, focus groups, archival documentation, public-research comparators, etc.
  6. When is the information needed?
  7. What resources are available to collect the information?
A sound Program Evaluation does not rely on a single research approach and neither does We have access to teams of bilingual, experienced interviewers, researchers and analysts ready to assist in the design and delivery of your project – all committed to the same level of professional excellence for which has become renowned. launches new website! chosen as the preferred survey provider for Cata Alliance.
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