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Organizational Evolution Project

Usually conducted shortly after the launch of a new and/or revised Organizational Strategy or Vision Statement, the OEP assesses an organization’s readiness for change, builds on its strengths, and identifies areas for improvement in order to implement the Strategic Plan. The OEP is not a quick-fix option, but as the start of an on-going exercise to spark the dialogue needed between all employees in order to move ahead more effectively as a team.

The process is developed to allow an organization to focus on organizational and systemic strengths and identify areas where they could reasonably make an immediate impact towards positive, constructive change. Some key principles of the program include:

  • Employee participation is not mandatory
  • Confidentiality of all participants is a primary consideration in the development of the program
  • Anonymity of individual responses must also be assured
  • Staff are provided with a range of options to choose from in terms of providing input e.g. survey, facilitated discussion groups, one-on-one interviews
  • No personal identifiers or attribution is contained in any report
  • Participants are asked to focus on institutional and systemic opportunities and challenges rather than on individual management styles or personality conflicts
  • Individuals who are described in the course of the data gathering process are not mentioned in the final report.

In conducting an OEP, the questions seek to explore five distinct areas of an organization’s environment as it relaters to:

  1. Strategic and Operational Planning
  2. Workplace Behaviour
  3. Management Practices
  4. Work Environment
  5. Communications

When looking at the Strategic and Operation Planning strategies in an organization, the questions ask staff to rate how well the organization is currently doing on its use and application of policies, processes, and procedures, which is then compared to a similar series of questions asking them to rate these same policies, etc. with respect to where they need to be in order to be successful in implementing the Strategic Plan. Thus determining how well prepared an organization is now and what areas it needs to grow in order to evolve into the organization it needs to be to meet the overall strategy and vision set out for it.

The OEP report that produces provides a “picture” of the workplace at the current time, reflecting those aspects that are considered to be positive and working well and those that require improvement in order to evolve to its required heights.

Then, with consultants assisting in the facilitation, a series of action planning sessions are developed to assist the organization in openly and constructively discussing key issues impacting on its ability to realistically achieve the strategic plan., The sessions seek to obtain organizationally-wide consensus on those issues that are considered to be a priority and reasonably within employees’ ability to affect change, then set out to develop specific strategies and evaluation mechanisms to effectively address each priority issue. launches new website! chosen as the preferred survey provider for Cata Alliance.
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