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Online Surveys

The importance of organizational measurement can't be overemphasized. An organization that functions with complete and timely information can:

  • Develop effective strategies
  • Adapt to a changing environment
  • Identify stakeholder's expectations
The outcome of a successfully planned and implemented survey: a diagnosis of the drivers and obstacles within your organization that will allow you to develop successful interventions to achieve your business strategies.

Surveys can take on many shapes and forms and are frequently used to:
  • Identify key issues in a respondent group
  • Bring perceptions and attitudes relating to a product/service/issue to the surface
  • Help establish key trends and indicators when done over a sustained period of time
  • Raise/measure awareness around a certain product, service or issue
  • In the form of a Poll, identify a snapshot of public opinion regarding a specific issue or event
Why Choose customizes our approach to meet the specific needs of each client. Rather than relying solely on “off the shelf” material, we work with you to ensure that our products and processes are aligned with the objectives of your project. For example, we can tailor your survey questionnaire so that it addresses your organization’s corporate values and the activities that exemplify those values. offers innovative solutions in the analysis of surveys. We provide extensive descriptive statistics showing the breakdown of responses. We thoroughly assess the findings and identify patterns of responses in a survey so items can be grouped into more reliable and valid composite variables. We present the results in a series of eye-catching charts that show overall survey results, strengths, challenges, and significant demographic disparities at a glance. In addition, we can assist in linking survey results to organizational performance measures. has extensive experience developing online tools We work with our clients to develop an effective website that allows survey respondents to readily and confidently participate in the program. The experience we have gained by providing services such as 360 Degree and Upward Feedback programs, Workplace Assessments, annual employee performance programs and draft framework questionnaire analysis informs the way we design and build all web-based tools.

Our access to leading expertise in the organizational measurement field positions us well to translate your survey results into recommendations that will help you implement the changes that will drive your business success.

We maintain high standards of confidentiality. The perception among employees and customers that their responses to the survey will be completely confidential is crucial to both the response rate and the validity of the results. Knowing that responses cannot be traced back to themselves, participants are more likely to provide honest answers that represent both positive and negative aspects of the organization.

Six Steps to Success

The approach to survey success is one we feel will yield high-impact, actionable information in a cost-effective manner. The six step process we use is flexible to your needs and budget. The following outline provides our approach to ensuring the successful implementation of your survey program:

Step 1 – Project Planning
The most crucial aspect of any project is the creation of a comprehensive project plan and continuous communication with the client throughout the project to ensure the plan is on track and/or agree to requested changes. Resources are identified and allotted, timelines established and a communication strategy and plan are created.

Step 2 – Content Design
In an entirely consultative process, we will, through one-on-one executive interviews and other stakeholder consultations develop the content of the questionnaire website with you. The results of these consultations will be provided and the content (questionnaire, home page, linked pages, on-line progress reports) is then finalized.

Step 3 – Site Design
The site is designed, tested and pre-launch access is made available to the Project Authority for final approval.

Step 4 – Launch and Administration
The survey is launched with participants receiving first e-mail notification of site readiness. manages all aspects of the survey’s administration from troubleshooting, technical support, reminder notices, and managing requests for paper versions of questionnaires (including the subsequent need to input these results).

Step 5 – Analysis and Reporting reports provide tables and graphs that reflect the overall findings as well as those responses by question and by group. Our reports our insightful, comprehensive and professionally tailored to reflect your organization’s own look and style.

Step 6 – Action Planning (as required)
After analysis of the results, will assist you in determining exactly what type of action planning will be most effective. Typical results involve the design and facilitation of a half-day action planning session with the executive team and a one day session with an action planning team comprised of selected a cross-section of interested survey respondents. These sessions will be designed to facilitate acceptance of the results and decide upon some priority actions to implement. will then prepare a summary report of the commitments made at these sessions. Action planning can also take on the form of suggestions that could include the development of a branding, public education, awareness raising campaigns or marketing and media events. launches new website! chosen as the preferred survey provider for Cata Alliance.
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