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Multi-Rater Feedback

1. Multi-Rater Feedback
2. The Process
3. Loggin In
4. The Main Menu
5. Selecting Raters
6. Supervisor's Review
7. The Assessment
8. Logging Out

Step 1) Training

As the graphic illustrates, the multi-rater assessment process is a cycle that begins and ends with training. Before beginning, it is important that participants understand the process, why it's important, and how the information will be used, and how to get the most out of the process. Some of that training information is available from this online help file and from other sources such as the online tutorial.

After receiving feedback, it is obviously important that the information be put to good use. Training here includes such issues as interpreting feedback reports, development planning and training to enhance areas identified in the feedback as needing improvement.

Step 2) Rater Selection

To begin, you will select a group of people (your raters) who will give you feedback on your performance. These people should all be qualified observers of your work. The group should include different types of people, such as peers, subordinates, and supervisors. You may want to work with your supervisor to decide on a well-rounded group that includes your significant co-workers.

Step 3) Supervisor Review

After you have selected your raters, your supervisor will have the opportunity to review your list of raters. This gives him/her a chance to see how you view your role within the organization and helps ensure that a balanced group is represented. Your supervisor may not make modifications to the group of raters you selected, but he must approve your selection.  Should he wish that you make changes, he will contact you directly.

Step 4) Complete the Assessments

The employees who you selected as raters will then provide feedback on your performance, evaluating it on a number of competencies important to your job. Employees may be evaluating more than one person. You may be asked to provide feedback to other employees.

Step 5) Receive Feedback

Once the assessments are complete, the results are compiled into feedback reports for each participant. These reports will help you identify the areas that your raters felt were your strengths as well as areas that are perceived as needing improvement. After reviewing this information, you can create a development plan that helps you leverage your strengths and address needs for change.

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