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Multi-Rater Feedback

1. Multi-Rater Feedback
2. The Process
3. Loggin In
4. The Main Menu
5. Selecting Raters
6. Supervisor's Review
7. The Assessment
8. Logging Out

The first step in the feedback process is selecting your raters. Once the rater selection period begins, you can select your raters by logging in to the site (upper right of your screen)  and clicking on "Rater Selection" menu item.

During the time set aside for rater selection you can enter the site as many times as you want to review or change your list of selected raters. After the rater selection period is over, however, you will not be able to change your rater selections. If you need to make a change after the system has moved on to the next step in the process, contact your system administrator for assistance.

Tips on Selecting a Good Group of Raters

When selecting raters, it is important to remember that your raters should be able to make qualified observations about your performance. They should be people who have a significant level of exposure to your work. Typically it is good to pick people with whom you have worked for at least 4-6 months.

You also want to make sure your rater list includes people with different perspectives on your performance. You should try to include a mix of:

  • your internal customers

  • your peers and colleagues

  • your supervisor

  • your direct reports if you are a supervisor

  • people that have worked with you on significant projects

  • over the past year

  • people below you in the reporting hierarchy

  • people above you in the reporting hierarchy

The number of raters you are required to select will be displayed at the top of the page when you select your raters.

When selecting raters, avoid raters who have conflicts of interest, such as your spouse, relative, significant other, etc.

Selecting Raters via this Web Site

The rater selection page (below) shows your current rater list (if any) and lets you add new raters to your list. When you first come to this page, your rater list may have certain required raters, such as your supervisor, already selected for you. These cannot be removed from the list. If an incorrect person is listed and you can not remove him/her from the list, contact your system administrator for assistance.

RS1.gif (31155 bytes)

The Rater Selection page is divided into two parts. The first part (#1 above) is where you find the names of available raters. Not all employees may be available as raters. The right side of the page (#2 above) lists your current raters. As you pick new raters, their names will show up in this list. You can view more information about a person in your current rater list by clicking on his/her name. After you have finished picking all your raters, you must click the 'Done' button to save your selections.

To filter a particular person:

  1. Filtering is done on the last name of the person: type the first few letters of his/her name, and the selection on your left will target the matching names.

  2. If many people were found, you can select someone's name and click 'Info' to get more information about the person such as title and department that will help you make sure you are selecting the right person. This is a good idea if there is more than one person with the same or a similar name.

To add a new rater:

  1. Locate the person you want to provide feedback in the list of available raters (left box) or by filtering his/her  name with the filter box. 

  2. Click the Add button, bringing that name in the box on the right. The person's name will then show up in your Current Rater List (#2 above)

To remove someone from your Current Rater List:

  1. Select the person's name from the box on the right by clicking on his/her name.

  2. Click the 'Remove' button: this will bring back his/her name in the left box.

To save your rater list:

You must click the 'Create Associations' button to save your rater list. If you close the browser or use your browsers 'Back' button to exit this page, your rater list will not be saved.

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