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Multi-Rater Feedback

1. Multi-Rater Feedback
2. The Process
3. Loggin In
4. The Main Menu
5. Selecting Raters
6. Supervisor's Review
7. The Assessment
8. Logging Out

After the Rater Selection phase of the cycle, supervisors must review the rater lists of their direct reports. The supervisor review page is displayed below:

SR1.gif (41852 bytes)

Each supervisor's direct reports is listed, with the raters that person selected listed below. You have the following options:

  1. If no raters have been selected, you must click the 'Edit List' button and pick raters for this person. During the supervisor review period, employees cannot log in and make changes to their rater lists. You will select raters for the employee using the same rater selection web page that you used to select your own raters.

  2. If you agree with the employee's rater selections and do not wish to make any changes to the list, click the 'Approve' button. This flags the employee's rater list as approved, which will be shown in the blue header next to the employee's name.

  3. If you do not approve the employee's rater selections, you must get in touch with that employee, as he/she is the only person allowed to make modifications on that list.  Once you have discussed the list with your direct report, he/she will modify the list and the system will send you another email note for approval.

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